Canadian Disability Benefit Post-Election: Support Our Most Vulnerable

Monday, September 27th, 2021 | Writing

Now that the election results have settled and the Liberal Party remains in power, we cannot take the pressure off to have them put into effect their promises, especially those regarding the Canadian Disability Benefit. I work with a group called Disability Without Poverty – it is lead by a passionate, engaged team of people from across Canada, all of whom live with disability or, as in my case, are the parent / caregiver of someone with a disability (who is too young for self-advocacy).

As a movement, we are gathering steam. We have written and placed a number of OpEds within the last few months across the country in multiple languages. In addition, we host monthly ‘live’ Zoom events which highlight disabled artists from across Canada. Our events are on the second Thursday of each month (except November – it’s on the 18th). You can register here: for the October 9th tribute to dancer and choreographer France Geoffroy, founder of Corpuscule Danse. This event will feature as a memorial celebration of her life and share her lasting legacy in the world of dance.

You can find my full article here, or follow one of the links below!

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