Stupid Breast Cancer

Friday, October 22nd, 2021 | Writing

I just found out I have breast cancer.

Finally feeling like I was getting back on my feet during this nightmare pandemic, then: Boom!
Things were going well. I was feeling resilient. My article was published in myriad places in English and in French. Work is keeping me busy. Eli is keeping me busy. I am too busy for cancer.

But the tumour from the biopsy was malignant.
And now I have breast cancer.
So, you know, once again, my head that was poking out above the water, allowing me space to breathe, has been shoved back down. Drowning.

I’m really trying to notice what I feel in my body.
What’s going on for me somatically?
My body feels tingly.
I’ve had a huge wave of nausea.
Mentally, I feel betrayed by my boobs.

The best part?
The love and support from my family;
The fact that I live in Canada, with the best health care possible.
I love, trust, and respect my doctor.
We’re going to get things figured out and taken care of quickly.

PreSurgery Photo Op

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