Adding Adaptogens to a Daily Personal Care & Nutrition Routine

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Adaptogens are natural herbs or roots that help your body adapt to or resist stress. They are usually consumed in a nutritional supplement, as food, or as tea. Adaptogens can be found all over the world from India, the Middle East, and Africa, to the arctic and parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. No matter where they are found or how they are consumed, adaptogens aid in supporting overall health by helping your body achieve balance, adapting to various types of stress including physical, emotional, and psychological, or improving your ability to focus and feel calm. By strengthening our internal systems, adaptogens can promote vitality, stabilize mood and improve performance. 

Adaptogens are far from a new discovery as they have been used for centuries in Chinese and other healing traditions. Modern research is showing why adaptogens help maintain balance in the body and are discovering other ways we can absorb the benefits of adaptogens. In fact, adaptogens are increasingly popular in today’s world. The adaptogens market is expected to reach almost $4 Billion by 2025! 

Some of the most common adaptogens are spices and herbs you can find at your local grocery store. Here’s a list of commonly found adaptogens that you should consider adding to your routine:

  • Schisandra Chinensis 
  • Reishi Mushroom  
  • Cordyceps Mushroom  
  • Turmeric 
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Licorice
Six adaptogens for amazing skin and healing nutrition

Not only can adaptogens be effective in helping your body adapt to and manage stress, but a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology found that adaptogens can have an anti-fatigue effect on healthy subjects and burnout patients expressing fatigue syndrome.

Additionally, adaptogens are being used in skin care with research showing that serums, creams, and night masks formulated with adaptogens can decrease the oxidative damage from UV exposure when compared to untreated sites. Besides having psychological benefits, adaptogens also have physical benefits that can help you feel and look better. If you’re ready to begin adding adaptogens to your daily routine, you may want to consider trying a supplement, such as ageLOC Vitality with Cordyceps Mushroom.


If you are interested in using adaptogens in your skin care routine, the Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skin Care line features great products containing adaptogens such as rhodiola, ginseng, chaga mushroom, tulsi (holy basil), maral root, and more. The treatment gel used with our Galvanic Spa includes Schisandra Chinesis along with other proven botanicals.

With so many ways to incorporate adaptogens, you may feel overwhelmed when looking to add them into your daily routine. But adding adaptogens to fit your lifestyle does not need to be complicated. You can determine the best type for you by evaluating your needs and searching for adaptogens that best treat those needs. For example, if you are looking to support your immunity, you may consider products or supplements containing reishi or ginseng, such as our ReishiMax GLp or our powerful Immunity Support Package package.

The best way to determine what adaptogens work best for you and develop good habits around using adaptogens is to simply begin. The first step is to find a product or product line that you are interested in and give it a try.

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