More Multitasking Services Coming Your Way!

Sunday, August 7th, 2022 | Writing

If you’re visiting this site, you know I’m the Multitasking Mompreneur. That means I wear a lot of hats. It also means I’ve had a lot of training in a number of different areas. My lived experiences include acting, directing, writing and producing for both theatre and film. Teaching acting, speech and drama, and public speaking to children as young as 3, within universities, and all the way up to adults in their 80s. I’ve written and edited creative writing (poetry, film scripts, short stories) and non-fiction (blogs, published op-eds in newspapers, essays, university theses, and webinars). 

Now that my primary gig is raising my son, I have dabbled with a number of different ways to replace my outside-the-house income. One is by working with busy professional moms over 35 to help them lay a foundation for quick and easy natural beauty and optimized health — if this is you, join my facebook community here! — another is my advocacy work for Disability Without Poverty — — and I have now joined the Fiverr community to get back to using my acting and teaching skills to help others shine. If you’d like to find me on Fiverr, click here!

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