Adaptogen Use in Skincare

WHAT ARE ADAPTOGENS OR BIOADAPTIVE PLANTS? Adaptogens, most often found in food or supplements, are substances that help the body adapt to, or resist, varying types of stress—physical, emotional, environmental. These substances usually come from botanical sources....

Bioadaptive Botanicals cut up in bowls and put into capsules

Stress Creates Time-Emphasis

I’ve been reflecting on why I felt hurt on New Year’s Eve and it’s taken me three weeks to process.  My family got together for the holidays. Mom agreed to stay with my son on NYE so that my husband and I could celebrate with my bothers and the rest of the...

A young boy sleeps in hockey pyjamas with a stuffed dog inches arms.

Changes to BC Autism Funding Catastrophic

The B.C. government recently announced that it would phase out individualized autism funding for children under age 19 by 2025, to be replaced with “one-stop family connections hubs”. My son will only be eight years old by that time. The loss of individualized...

A row of rainbow colour tiles is lined up according to size and colour


Thoughts stream through our head constantly at a rate of roughly 3000 thoughts per hour. I've been reflecting on the the stories we tell ourselves about what others think of us. We choose to attribute those stories to others. Someone looks at us. We can choose to...

A vine growing up a wall beneath a quote by Lao Tzu on how your thoughts become your destiny

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