The Multitasking Mompreneur

I am a mother of “advanced maternal age” who was a perennial student and teacher before having my child and now struggles to find the time for a hot bath and a book.

I help busy parents find life/work balance by providing healthy and easy-to-achieve ideas around childcare, food preparation, and relaxation so that they can decrease stress in their lives and find more time for family fun! A special interest of mine is working with families that have special needs and challenges.

More Multitasking Services Coming Your Way!

If you’re visiting this site, you know I’m the Multitasking Mompreneur. That means I wear a lot of hats. It also means I’ve had a lot of training in a number of different areas. My lived experiences include acting, directing, writing and producing for both theatre...

Pictures and descriptions of my Fiverr gigs

Thoughts on Preserving my Son’s Eye Health in the Future

While watching my son play on his iPad, it struck me how much blue light exposure he gets in a day. When we are outside, he wears sunglasses and sunscreen to protect his eyes and skin from blue light damage, but at home, watching the Wheels on the Bus in...

Images of my family

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